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The Adventures of Smelly Rogers. Vol. 1

Smelly Begins

Smelly Begins by author Cindy Lane and Illustrator Mimi Hong

SMELLY BEGINS, is the first book in the Adventures of Smelly Rogers series celebrating LOVE and JOY. It is a delightful trio of infant, toddler and children’s stories filled with humor, rhyme and rhythm. Also remarkable is our illustrator, Mimi, who is on the autism spectrum and gifts us with her abilities. Each story is perfectly balanced to engage with the right audience at the right time.

How Smelly Got Her Name
Designed to connect with toddler’s, this interactive story has images that engage and it is the origin story of a blended family unifying in love and humor with funny nick names.
Wild brothers? New baby? Changing Diapers? What could possibly go wrong?

Smelly Makes a Smelly
This story is not what you think. It is a love punch to the heart that will be a timeless addition to your child’s book collection. A parent will want to read this one and children will want to hear this message of love over and over again.
With the help of Mom and the flower helpers, Smelly’s problem gets an unexpected solution.

Smelly and the Soccer Game
By the time your child is playing sports they will want to read on their own the story you have read to them many times before. Its relatable, fun and filled with joy and laughter.
Butterflies, soccer and chicken nuggets – A hilarious first soccer game everyone will remember.

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November 16, 2023





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Smelly Begins by author Cindy Lane and Illustrator Mimi Hong